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Personality Can Be Fun

22 Aug

LatestWhat is your favorite topic? Is it history, movies, food? If you’re like most people, it’s you.

When we’re born, we’re slapped on the fanny and told to go find ourselves. The trouble is we don’t know how to go about doing that.

Back in the old days, a person learned about himself through other people. For example, if someone thought you were stupid, they told you. If they thought you were smart, they tried to borrow money from you.

Today, we are more sophisticated. We have all kinds of tools to help us out. Some people like astrology, hand-writing analysis, and fortune telling machines at their local carnival, but, most of us find personality tests to be the most reliable.

You take a test and the results tell you what career to pursue, what kind of person to marry, and how you make decisions. This can be very useful information – particularly when dealing with problems like job loss, bankruptcy and hemorrhoids.

Personally, I am a big fan of the Myers-Briggs test. Most professional counselors and human resource managers like it too. Listed below are some links to testing sites. If you have a free afternoon, try some of these tests and see if the results form an identifiable pattern. You might find it interesting.

To take the Myers-Briggs test, go to: or

To learn about tests for your entrepreneur abilities, aptitudes, career traits, and how funny you are, go to: