Is Government Health Care Really the Best We Can Do?

30 Aug

Don't Cheer Me UpThe government’s proposed health care plan was written by some of the brightest minds in the country – our politicians. They spent many hours putting this thing together and I understand that one or two may have actually read it – a few pages anyway.

Like many Americans, however, I am a bit worried about some of the details – like the so called “death panels.” I’m concerned that some government bureaucrat may be able to decide who gets a pacemaker and who gets a pill.

If Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, for example, needed a pacemaker when he turns 90 years old, they might tell old Harry to swallow a pain pill instead. Is that fair??? Be nice!

Also the cost of this plan is huge and will grow huger (is that a word?). We’d have to bump off every senior citizen between New York and Seattle to keep costs under control. That could get a little ugly. Who will watch all those grandkids and read them bedtime stories? It won’t be mom or dad – they’ll be working 80-hours just to make enough take-home pay for groceries.

Of course, I could be exageratting. After all, AARP was looking at this plan and thought it had some merit. That doesn’t meant they endorsed it. It just means they liked it. I wonder what that means?

All this is coming at the verge of a new era in medicine. There is evidence that millions of Baby Boomers will live well into their 100’s and subsequent generations will live into their 120’s. According to these people, we won’t be feeble or suffer dementia until much later in life, which means that our 90’s could be full and productive. According to the Society of Actuaries, “Centenarians represent one of the fastest growing age groups in the U. S.”

In a story from the AP, living to be 100 is easier than we think. The report says, “Surprising new research suggests that even people who develop heart disease or diabetes late in life have a decent shot at reaching the century mark.” To learn more about living to be 100, see the links at the end of this article.

There is also a lot of progress with new drugs designed to destroy cancer cells without the need for chemotherapy and surgery. In a Reuters report on MSNBC’s website, there are drugs in the works that can destroy cancer cells. See the links below for more information.

If all this happens, we won’t be able to justify saving money on grandma when she is 85 or 90 years old. Those “death panels” or “health committees” would have to postpone that decision until another 15 or 20 years which would drive health care into the stratosphere.

Maybe we should let the Free Market and individuals decide these things with their doctors and religious counselors. Maybe there is a better alternative. After all, we can always go back to the drawing board.

I think Republicans and Democrats should get together and write a smaller bill – one they can all understand. And maybe, then, we can have real solutions that let grandma read to her grandkids and tuck them in at night.



Reuters on MSNBC:

Society of Actuaries:


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