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Cartoons Are Good for America

26 Jul

I am writing about my passion – cartooning. I think a case can be made that cartoons are good for America.

Take health care, for instance. Studies show that laughter releases all kinds of healthy stuff in our bodies.Show people more cartoons and they will need less expensive health care.

Cartoons can also revive a sluggish publishing industry. Let’s face it, since newspapers and  magazines have reduced the number of cartoons they publish, subscriptions have gone down. Increase the cartoons, subscriptions go up and the need for jobs increases. Simple right?

Forgot to Renew2Cartoons are also an excellent way to sell products, illustrate ideas and, according to some experts, reach the Gen Y people.

For all these reasons, I think there should be a revival of this art form. It can help make people happier and give them something to tape onto cubicles, refrigerators, and office doors. It can also provide a nice income for cartoonists.

I hope you will find these posts and my cartoons entertaining. If I can put a smile on your face, I think I will be fulfilling my mission in life. Please feel free to share your comments, criticisms, and, even better, compliments.